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As promised to a few people earlier – here is the information on how to donate to the Willem-Alexander Kinderfonds. Unfortunately there is no direct way to donate, but this is the form to print and fill. I do ask one thing – when you fill in the form, please, somewhere on the form write 'Voor LUMC Neonatologie webcams'. You have no idea how much peace of mind and joy the ability to see the girls sleeping and waking from 75 kilometres away brings us, to their Omas and Opas both in Hoofddorp and Brisbane, and their Aunts in Sydney and Bongaree, and their Oom and Tante in Brunei.

For the Aussies … 2 options – you can ask me for my Australian account details and deposit there – we will convert to Euros and happily pass the donation on. Alternatively, make a donation to your local children's hospital on behalf of Emmy and Tilly .. Thank you.

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