The perils of fame

Having now established that we are here permanently, I've thrown myself into working with International Almere, an expat organisation devoted to helping people like myself ( I use that in an incredibly liberal sense!) meet and find a support network within the city I live and it's surrounds.

As most of you all know, being the shy, retiring flower I am, I'm extremely precious and don't like to intrude on people and my wallflower status really holds me back. HELLO! I'm HERE! LOVE ME! I've been to a few events and have infiltrated the ranks of the group accordingly.  One day, IA, the next, the WORLD! *muhahaha*  My official post within the group is Co-Director/Events, and I work with a great bunch of people in the day to day operations of this volunteer group.  It has raised my profile somewhat, and I'm always surprised when I go somewhere and introduce myself, and get a reply of "I know."

It has given me an outlet for my incredibly anal side, however, and I'm loving the fact that I can now feed my obsession with highlighters and post it notes and look all official like – and also have a swish title that goes with it.  (in my head).

Anyhow, recently I was interviewed for their website – and I thought I'd post the link here so you all can shake your heads at me :).