The only friends you need…

Has anyone noticed recently (or maybe it’s just me, who can say!) the number of articles and blog posts popping up about ‘The 7 types of friends you really need.’ or the ‘8 Types of Mommy Friends you need’ and so on and so forth…

All of a sudden, it seems we’re being pressured into assessing and reassessing the types of friends you “should” have, and if you don’t have the “Pinterest Addict Friend” or the “Friend Who Brings Wine” – are you missing something in your life? (Thankfully, I have both of these and a superb hybrid species of friend – the Pinterest Addict Friend Who Brings Wine, Chocolate and Cheese) … Can I survive without having “Super Awesome Baker Mum” or “Friend Who Knows What I Really Mean”?

Hang on, what about me? What category am I? How do I establish what type of friend I am?  Am I in a category? Or worse still,  am I the worst type … “The Friend You Should Really Give The Flick To” ?

People – I’m here to reassure you on one thing.  It’s quite simple, really.

You don’t need to fit a category.

There.  Does that feel better? Breathe in, breathe out and soak up the relief. There’s no need to categorise your friends and feel you’re missing out because you don’t have ‘Always Carries a Notepad And Pen’ friend. (Seriously, get a smartphone.  It will make your appointments for you and remember things!)  Your life is complete without ‘Drinks Like A Fish And Then Flashes Buses Friend’ (Although that always makes for really great stories!)

Friends are the ones who are there for you when you need them.  They laugh, they cry and they embrace you.  Friends bring banana bread and wine, and make time for you.  They’re the ones who have your back, not talk behind it.  They’re the ones who pick you up, not bring you down.They listen to your endless moans and meltdowns, and in return, they lift you and build you up to make you a stronger person.  They keep your glass full when you’re running on empty and they make you smile.  And laugh even through tears – because they get who you are.

You don’t need to fit a category.  And you don’t need to fill categories. When you find your tribe – embrace them and smile.  You don’t need to look any further than those around you.

(Except maybe someone who always brings wine.  You’ll always need that friend.)