The one where the window cleaner got his money’s worth.

Sometimes things are crazy around here.  Well, actually most of the time things are crazy around here.  It’s simple – insert twins into any family situation and chaos is sure to follow.

Miss E has always been a bit of a power-chucker.  She has grown out of it mostly, but when she’s really upset she still tends to vomit with the force of a fire hose.

Both monkeys are discovering climbing.  We generally find them sitting in boxes or on their activity table (after suitable trashing) and today they discovered that the activity table is just one small climb onto the couch … crap. I have to rearrange furniture again.

But today, Miss E’s victory in climbing the couch was short lived as she tumbled off it.  And screamed.  And screamed.  And screamed. And then with 3 almighty powerchucks – up came her bottle.  And her breakfast.  And pretty sure anything else that was in there…

So after a baby damage check (nil), a self damage check (a lovely coating in porridge, yoghurt and milk), and a floor damage check (same as me).  I did what you’d do – I calmed the baby, grabbed the mop and bucket and stripped off.

All pukey stuff was ready to go upstairs and I thought I’d quickly get some of the mess mopped up (in my bra and knickers).  No time like the present, right? And I needed a shower after it all so may as well wash it all off at once. So, in my underwear, I mopped, scrubbed and wiped up all traces of the puke …

And then came the *tap tap tap* on the window.  Seems it was today that our window washer came to do the windows …

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