The One About Underpants

I really want to preface this post by saying – yes, I will be talking about my underpants.

However, I think what’s important to clarify is this :  If you’re here because you did a hashtag search on underpants for reasons other than “I’m really that obsessed with one brand of underpants and I’ve been buying them for nearly 25 years and I’m gutted I can’t buy them here.”, this is your time to bow out of the post gracefully.   Thanks for the click! 😉
Which leads me into my random ramblings for today.  I love my underpants.  They’re like the best things ever.  For almost 25 years, I have been buying Rio Bikini briefs in a 7 pack (7 days in Rio!).

When you find the perfect underwear, as everyone knows, you stick with it.  Nothing beats comfy undies!  I know some of you are a little more daring – but come on, we all have that pair of ridiculously comfortable underpants that we would rather be wearing, than that skimpy lacy number ;).

But here’s my dilemma.  It’s been almost 3 long years since I’ve been able to get to Australia and top up my dwindling supply of my favourite knickers.  I’ve been hanging on to them all dearly, but sadly, the holes are getting large and some are becoming well, crotchless.  (I did say it wasn’t going to be that kind of post, but seriously holes in my knickers is a big issue!).

I’m now faced with a dilemma – I need to buy new underpants.  “So go out and buy them! Stop wasting our time with a blog post!” – seriously, I can hear you from here.

But the thing is, it isn’t just that simple.  It’s not like you can go out and buy just ANY underpants.  They have to fit that whole comfort thing, that not riding up your bum thing, that bit about covering all the bits you want covered, they have to be cotton, they have to just be exactly what I’m used to.  A seam in the wrong place can just completely ruin your day!   It’s just not as simple as walking into a shop.  Underpants must be auditioned.  They need to go through a rigorous trial period before they are elevated to the status of ‘suitable’ underwear!

So this is my current trauma.  Finding new, comfortable undies in a different country.  Right now I’m freaking out about taking this challenging life step – but at least I have comfy undies on for now.  Even if they do have holes.

Let’s just pray I don’t get hit by that bus 😉