The one about Easter..

There’s always debate about Easter.  Maybe it’s becoming too commercialised, maybe it’s the new Christmas.  The true meaning is being lost, but is the true meaning a jumble of pagan beliefs and lost iconography mixed with religion?  How much do you spend?  What do you give?  Is there such a thing as too much chocolate?

Breathe. Drink your glass of wine.  Let me regale you with tales of toddlers and Easter …

 I’ve always been pretty open about the fact I don’t feed my kids a lot of junk food and that we keep chocolate as a treat.  In fact, the first chocolate I’ve fed them was on Sunday – but I’m pretty sure there’s a law out there that says you have to eat chocolate for Easter breakfast. If there isn’t, there should be.   And hell, they’re 2.  They already have all the energy of a certain well known bunny advertised by duelling brands of battery that has pure Red Bull pumping through it’s veins, why not just let them have a treat?

They really couldn’t have cared less about the Easter Bunny.   Really, truly.  We went to an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and they spent more time racing off in the field than hunting for eggs.  I spent more time chasing my kids than hunting for eggs.  Seriously, next year I’m just considering tying eggs to my kids and setting them free at an Easter Egg hunt just to make it a bit more challenging …

And then Easter night.  I set up all their goodies on their high chairs, I took pictures, I hid eggs (colour coded) in the house … and was so excited about them waking up to it all. I even only had one glass of wine so I could wake up and be fresh to enjoy their excitement!

I shouldn’t have bothered. They were more interested in the breakfast.  (Bunny shaped cheese, bunny shaped bread, bunny shaped sausage … Yes, I got excited over the whole shaped food thing.)

So essentially, my whole Easter experience with toddlers is a write off.  They could not have cared less about my careful gift selections or my menu planning.  They really just don’t care.  Next year I don’t think I’ll even bother.

And this year I’ll get my revenge by eating all their chocolate. Judge me if you will, but they deserve it for not getting into the Easter spirit I tried to force on them. 😉 And I’ll drink wine with them and feel no guilt!