The one about 14 cents and a village …

I reblogged recently an amazing post by a friend of mine – Jessica from Mishmash Moments.  I’m really happy to say that not only is she one of my favourite bloggers from her honesty and humour, but she’s a real life friend of mine.

Jess posted about a funny situation in her life – her bank account was down the last 14 cents, no bread, no petrol, 2 kids to get to school and running late.  Did I mention she’s also 24 weeks pregnant with baby number 3?  We can all relate to being in a similar situation, but Jess’s sense of humour shone through and really made light of something that could have been so depressing.

The amazing part is that by posting this, Jess had a well deserved miracle happen.  She wasn’t asking for help, she didn’t expect anything, just sharing a story that summed up her day. But instead, she was blessed with a reminder about how loved she is.  Her mum dropped in with bread and treats, a friend dropped in with bread and treats, and then, some gorgeous kind soul anonymously delivered a $20 gift voucher for bread and fuel.  

There’s 2 things I think we need to take away from this.  The first, most importantly, is to remember that no matter what our situation is, even if you have just 14 cents in the bank and no petrol, is not to give up. Take things by the horns and keep going.  It’s hard.  I love that Jess took the time to shine some humour on her day.  After all, a good laugh is what keeps us going.

The second is this.  Everyone needs a village.  It sometimes takes a while to find a village, and as my dad says, sometimes the village does have few idiots, but hopefully you’ll find a group of like minded souls.

Being part of someone’s village is a lot more than just commenting on their Facebook post.  If you think someone in your village needs help, be it their words or their deeds, or lack thereof – call them.  Drop around unexpectedly.  Bring them a loaf of bread.  Drop a card in the mailbox or leave a note.  Buy them a coffee or a cupcake.

It’s a simple action that speaks a lot of words.  Jess’s post was designed to reflect the humour she found in the day’s events.  But her village decided that she needed help.  And I’m so glad they helped her!

A cry for help sometimes is hidden in humour.  That’s how some people deal with the dark side of life.  They can’t come out and say “I need help.” They’ll make light of a situation and cover up a lot of hurt.

Be someone’s village.  Take the opportunity to make a change in their life by doing something small. The reward is huge – some unconditional love and changing the course of their day.

Dedicated to Jessica xx I hope your village continues to grow!