The One About 10 Years Going By …

10 years later inbuggering diaries

10 years ago today I landed at Schiphol Airport on a cold, rainy Wednesday morning. I’d left Australia 2 days earlier to reunite with Marius in the Netherlands, and become a resident of the Netherlands.

I started this blog as a way to share stories with family and friends back in Australia, and also just talk about the challenges of starting again in a new country. It really wasn’t about anything else – literally a way to spin a couple of stories based on my own unique sense of humour, and entertain my friends and family.

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The one about how a week turns into a month turns into … well, you get the idea

A couple of months back I made a huge deal about how you should stay tuned, my blog was coming back … and how this year was going to be AWESOME because I was 40 and everything was under control.

And then… Life happened.

My girls started school, I started working, and all of a sudden life was lost under a massive cloak of ‘OH MY GOD I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR SLEEP LET ALONE A BLOG!’ … and so I kind of let things lapse.

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The one about D-Day…

Today is the 25th of October.  Just another autumn day for most people.

4 years ago, at around 10am, this day took on another meaning for me.

I went to my regular checkup, and found that baby A had barely any fluid, whilst baby B was swimming in her fluid.  We had suspected, then confirmed later, TTTS.  This day was horrible – I had so many ultrasounds, talked to many doctors, including one that told us we should make funeral plans for our babies.  The next few days were spent in shock and tears, as we came to grips with what was happening.

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The update about the mouse …

It’s been 76 days since I posted about Fuckyou Mouse, and the battle lines are still drawn in our house.

So far the furry little fiend has bypassed every sort of trap we have bought, turned it’s nose up at all food groups, and has taken to sitting in the middle of our kitchen, cleaning itself in full view of everyone.  The mouse has serious balls. (Literally, and figuratively). Continue reading “The update about the mouse …”