The one about being behind the #humblebrag

So lately I kind of stopped myself from posting a couple of funny kid related anecdotes purely based on the fact that they could be considered being a “#humblebrag”.

Let’s face it.  A #humblebrag is not humble.  It’s fucking bragging.  You’re telling the world that you got your kids to eat kale chips and quinoa without tantrums, death threats and breakages.  You’re telling the world how superior you are,  because your kids ate fancy cabbage and grass seeds.  Bonus points if your kid pronounces quinoa correctly. (insert eyeroll here).   Continue reading “The one about being behind the #humblebrag”

New Year, New Look, Same Random Dribble …

You’ll excuse me here for first of all welcoming you to what you already know – just in a shiny new format! I moved to WordPress from Livejournal mainly because I have several WordPress based projects now, and it’s easier to have it all on one platform. LJ was good to me, but like any relationship, it was time to move on.

I made the half-arsed resolution that isn’t a resolution to write in my blog more often.  Writing is an outlet for me – my brain is constantly going at times – and this way I can share the completely nonsensical thoughts that torpedo through my head …

And now, in true New Year’s fashion, I think it’s time to write a year in review post. Continue reading “New Year, New Look, Same Random Dribble …”