The one where I was interviewed again … this time about my domestic abilities

I meet some awesome people along the way, and Jenny of “Dishwasher Required – The subversive homemaking blog” is one of the latest.  Jenny and I belong to a blogging group, and she recently put out a call for homemakers to be interviewed. Being the shy, retiring flower I am, I volunteered and the rest is history.  Click the image below (quote by yours truly) to go to her site and read the rest!

homemaker interview


The perils of fame

Having now established that we are here permanently, I've thrown myself into working with International Almere, an expat organisation devoted to helping people like myself ( I use that in an incredibly liberal sense!) meet and find a support network within the city I live and it's surrounds.

As most of you all know, being the shy, retiring flower I am, I'm extremely precious and don't like to intrude on people and my wallflower status really holds me back. HELLO! I'm HERE! LOVE ME! I've been to a few events and have infiltrated the ranks of the group accordingly.  One day, IA, the next, the WORLD! *muhahaha*  My official post within the group is Co-Director/Events, and I work with a great bunch of people in the day to day operations of this volunteer group.  It has raised my profile somewhat, and I'm always surprised when I go somewhere and introduce myself, and get a reply of "I know."

It has given me an outlet for my incredibly anal side, however, and I'm loving the fact that I can now feed my obsession with highlighters and post it notes and look all official like – and also have a swish title that goes with it.  (in my head).

Anyhow, recently I was interviewed for their website – and I thought I'd post the link here so you all can shake your heads at me :).