The one where I became Inbuggered … finally

I started this blog nearly 4 years ago to document the move I was making to the Netherlands. Over that time, I’ve talked about learning the language, about integrating into a culture that is similar, but so different to my own.  I’ve talked about having twins, and about  my life here as an immigrant.

I really haven’t covered (at least lately) the whole process of “Inburgering”, or, as it’s known colloquially amongst some expats “Inbuggering” (you now see where the title of my blog comes from!) Continue reading “The one where I became Inbuggered … finally”

Adventure with Immigration, Dutch Style

So today was the day that we had to show up to the IND – Dutch Immigration Department.  As per the earlier post about the town hall, it was a relatively simple experience. (except for all paperwork being in Dutch – handy to have a native speaker in the house!).  Our appointment was at 10am – we ended up actually seeing someone at 10.30am. (Hooray for government departments world wide!!) Continue reading “Adventure with Immigration, Dutch Style”