The one about the pounds …

It’s been a while and I owe a gazillion blog posts by now.  Literally a gazillion. We’ve been to Oman, we’ve been all sick, I’ve been working … it’s endless.

A few weeks back I took a day trip to London.  Which sounds way more exciting and adventurous than it actually is – because London is just over an hour’s flight from here and it’s incredibly cheap to get to.  You can do it in a day with no problems.   Continue reading “The one about the pounds …”

The Official 2017 Eurovision Drinking Game.

The Official 2017 Eurovision Drinking Game. (All rights reserved)

Requirements: Alcohol. Dress up items from country of choice. Alcohol.  Eurovision Broadcast.  Alcohol.

I take no responsibility for hangovers or liver failure if you follow this to the core.  Your choice, I just make it up 😉

Download your copy here.  (Best pop it in a plastic sleeve if you’re going to play along to prevent stains and spills 😉 )

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The one about finding people who get where you’ve been …

Let me be the first to say – this is by no means dissing any of my existing friends, especially those who are close to me and have been by my side throughout everything.  You are all wonderful, and I value you all.

3 years ago, I was struggling with the TTTS/TAPS diagnosis, endless doctors appointments, not knowing if my children would live or die.  I was in a country where I barely spoke the language, with only my husband knowing the full extent of what was going on, and our parents to a lesser extent.  A lot of my pain and hurt I hid from public view (this is part of who I am) and internalised.  On top of that, being part of this mysterious 10% that got a condition that not many people understand, and not being able to find good, reliable and easy to understand information about – things were stressful.  And it felt like I was alone. Very alone.  16,000 kilometres away from my family and friends, and very little emotional support. Continue reading “The one about finding people who get where you’ve been …”