The one about the poo cookies…

That’s right folks – I feel like it’s time to reveal my top secret, tried and true recipe for Poo Cookies.  You may think that these are just some ordinary oatmeal and fruit cookies – but you’d be wrong.  They’re high in fibre, they’re tasty, and they’re toddler approved. They also *might* help those little cherubs out there who have a problem with constipation. I’m not going to claim that they will magically make your child constipation free – but they are yummy and they do have a super high fibre content. Continue reading “The one about the poo cookies…”

The one about being behind the #humblebrag

So lately I kind of stopped myself from posting a couple of funny kid related anecdotes purely based on the fact that they could be considered being a “#humblebrag”.

Let’s face it.  A #humblebrag is not humble.  It’s fucking bragging.  You’re telling the world that you got your kids to eat kale chips and quinoa without tantrums, death threats and breakages.  You’re telling the world how superior you are,  because your kids ate fancy cabbage and grass seeds.  Bonus points if your kid pronounces quinoa correctly. (insert eyeroll here).   Continue reading “The one about being behind the #humblebrag”

The one where I start talking about lasagne… amongst other things.

Ever tried to get a toddler to eat?  No, really.  You need some serious patience, a lot of time and realistically, no one has time for it.  It doesn’t matter what principles or weaning methods you use, but the time your child is 18 months old, you’re better off throwing the food on the floor and walls yourself and saving time.   Continue reading “The one where I start talking about lasagne… amongst other things.”