Pushing those buttons … repeatedly.

One thing I noticed when I came to the Netherlands was an almost crazy obsession by the Dutch to push a button (indeed, any button) repeatedly until something happened.  It doesn't matter if it was a train door, a bus door, a lift, a crossing – if there was a button, you need to stand there and push it repeatedly.  Equal amounts of pity and humour made me think 'Man, I hope I never get to that point!'  You see, to me, a button only needs to be pushed once and pushing it faster, harder or repeatedly will not make something happen any faster.


Today, I caught myself pushing the button on the train doors.  Repeatedly.  OMGI'MBECOMINGONEOFTHEM!

4 Replies to “Pushing those buttons … repeatedly.”

  1. What, you’ve never pushed the button for a lift or crossing extra hard or multiple times to make it come sooner?! What kind of weirdo are you????

      1. I know Aussies are laid back but aren’t the Dutch laid back just as much?! Weird to think they’re not as laid back as the Aussies 😉

        1. Funny you mention that! The Dutch are very much like the Australians in most ways, but that one really takes the cake. I can’t understand the obsession to push the button.

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