The one about the perfect gift …

Warning – this post contains images of placentas. If your stomach isn’t so great, time to move along … 😉

Oddly enough, this post isn’t about my poor, long suffering husband ;).

Over the years, I’ve developed a unique relationship with our research doctor, all based on the tale I told about the girls placenta. (It’s worth the click. Really).  I share updates on the girls progress and catch up on the occasion we’re visiting the LUMC.

I really can’t think of anyone who took being compared to Gollum with a placenta as well as he did.  He’s a good sport, and even narrated the anecdote at his recent promotion to Professor at the Leiden University.

This did leave me with a dilemma though – What should I buy as a congratulations gift? I mean, the guy saved my kids lives.  A bottle of wine and a box of chocolates doesn’t really cut the mustard here …

After a few weeks of deliberation, I finally came up with an idea. One, so perfect and so incredibly on point, it was mindblowing.

A silver framed photo of the placenta. Perfection. Absolute crazy perfection!

This did involve hours of searching for the perfect picture frame, then selecting a whole pile of prints to be delivered, and to disguise the fact I was ordering prints of a placenta … (really not sure what the guys at HEMA made of that one!). For good measure, I threw in a bottle of sparkling wine from Aventine wineries in Stanthorpe, Australia. (Great wine, no, not being paid for the plug!)

Why yes, that is a photo of a colour dyed placenta.

Assembling the gift was the easy part, it all comes down to reception. Thankfully, the desired laugh was received and it lead to a conversation about whose side was whose … (for real, and if you’re interested, left is Emilie, right is Mathilde).

And the final result? It’s on my Facebook page. For some reason I couldn’t embed the post (boo!), so if you click you’ll see the original tribute too :).  The gift was received with all intended humour and grace.  Thinking outside the box was the absolute perfect gift to give!

Click the picture to see the full Facebook post!