One does not simply walk into Bruges …

And expect to find Colin Farrell!

Naomi wanted to experience as much of Europe as she could in 3 weeks, so me, being ever so obliging gave her a list of places that are pretty great. So, 3 days into her Eurotrip, we ended up in Bruges.

Now for those who are unfamiliar with where the hell Bruges is (because you didn't see *that* movie) – it's the capital of West Flanders in the northwest of Belgium.  It's famous for several things, more recently *that* movie, but also as a Unesco World heritage site.  When you enter the city, it really is a fookin' fairytale. (With apologies to Ralph Fiennes).

We booked a hotel that I'd been to before – so I knew it was close to the city centre and all the attractions.  From there it was just going around the city, seeing all that was there, and of course, perhaps a brush with Colin Farrell …

We certainly did the cliche's … a carriage ride, the canal boat tour, and wandered the city for hours, before making our way to one of the many restaurants on the m arket square.  We'd been warned that most places there ripped you off, but in all honesty, in a tourist town, all places ripped you off.  With an abundance of moules, frites and biertjes around us, we settled on a small restaurant offering a 3 course meal for 20 euros … and it was good!

So, now the photos …


Mmm … beeeeeer ….

Our wheels in Bruges!

Lapping Bruges in our boat!

OMG! It's the most photographed dog in Bruges!


4 Replies to “One does not simply walk into Bruges …”

  1. What film? I mean, I know where Brugge is cos of being an International Jetsetter type. And because we used to go through Belgium to get the ferry to the UK at Zeebrugge.

    I’m so amused by the biscuits with your coffee. Is there any part of that corner of Europe that doesn’t have those?!? I like the coffee pots too.

    1. The coffee pots were so cute! LOL. I wanted to steal them.

      There’s a movie – “In Bruges” with Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes – really good movie if a little violent. Recommended!

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