The one about how a week turns into a month turns into … well, you get the idea

A couple of months back I made a huge deal about how you should stay tuned, my blog was coming back … and how this year was going to be AWESOME because I was 40 and everything was under control.

And then… Life happened.

My girls started school, I started working, and all of a sudden life was lost under a massive cloak of ‘OH MY GOD I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR SLEEP LET ALONE A BLOG!’ … and so I kind of let things lapse.

So, what’s been happening?  Let’s start with January.  My birthday month!  I was super hesitant about turning 40.  It’s kind of surreal to think that you’re 40 all of a sudden. Where did life go?  Am I supposed to be an adultier adult now I’m 40?  Am I now a wise sage?  Where’s the gin?  So much pressure!

Turns out not much changes at 40. Still bills to pay, still have to feed kids, do groceries, wash clothes … so my advice to anyone freaking out about 40?  Only the numbers change.  The rest is still the same.

February saw the girls going to school for the first time AND me starting work!  I’m working in marketing – but not in the front lines ;).  I’m doing adminstration work and account management for a local company – and I’m loving it.  The girls also love school!  It’s been a long road – we kept them back for a while after their birthday from starting – they’re still very young compared to their peers (and after all, their peers generally weren’t born 9 weeks early!), so they startedcloser to their ‘real’ birthday in February.  We’ve seen an incredible change in them – no longer the toddlers but turning into proper little girls with strong, independent personalities.  Emmy is into princesses and pink, and Tilly loves her dinos and bugs.

March was Easter and trips to Germany for birthdays and late snow and freezes and generalised chaos … adjusting to working has been interesting – especially after leaving the corporate world 6 years ago! Returning to working fulltime and the additional responsibility of working from home – I did think I had time management down pat but adding kids into the equation has been … interesting.

And finally, April.  There’s no excuses really in April.  I just kind of lost my momentum in writing.  I let moments of self doubt kind of overwhelm me over the last few months and really, it’s a terrible battle when you begin to doubt yourself.  It took talking it out in a blogging group, as well as kind of a poke from an old family friend (Thanks Steve! ) to make me realise that I actually should get back into the swing of things. Last week I submitted an article to an online magazine, as well as helped with some translations for the LUMC project I’m working on, and this week is writing an information piece for another website project I’m working on.  I guess it comes down to this.  I’m like every other blogger out there – whilst my blog isn’t that well known, I’ve still got to do the writing and the blogging and the promoting thing ;).

So, plans for the next few months … move to a paid domain so I can do more with this blog is a start!  Write more articles for online blogs and hopefully do some more awareness articles as well.   Stay on top of the writing and most importantly, don’t let the self doubt get to me.

Stay cool, peeps.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’m just somewhere between disillusioned, tired, chaotic and maybe a teeny bit of laziness 😉