The one where I was interviewed again … this time about my domestic abilities

I meet some awesome people along the way, and Jenny of “Dishwasher Required – The subversive homemaking blog” is one of the latest.  Jenny and I belong to a blogging group, and she recently put out a call for homemakers to be interviewed. Being the shy, retiring flower I am, I volunteered and the rest is history.  Click the image below (quote by yours truly) to go to her site and read the rest!

homemaker interview


The one with the retraction about my comments on carrots.

It appears that in the world, there are some people who take carrots just a little too seriously.  So I feel the need to dedicate a post on my blog to apologise about the World Carrot Museum, who, in their own words, declared my statement about the Dutch cultivating orange carrots due to politics and fashion ‘utter nonsense.’.  Continue reading “The one with the retraction about my comments on carrots.”