The update about the mouse …

It’s been 76 days since I posted about Fuckyou Mouse, and the battle lines are still drawn in our house.

So far the furry little fiend has bypassed every sort of trap we have bought, turned it’s nose up at all food groups, and has taken to sitting in the middle of our kitchen, cleaning itself in full view of everyone.  The mouse has serious balls. (Literally, and figuratively). Continue reading “The update about the mouse …”

The one about the supermarket stamps …

It’s been a while, and I apologise!  Things have been a bit hectic around here with the start of kindergarten for the girls, some medical issues, a family holiday and well, general laziness. Mostly general laziness.

I’ve talked about shopping here several times.  Mostly here and more recently, here.  And then there’s the dierenkaartjes craze.  (Which in it’s latest incarnation, dinosaur stickers I got totally sucked into because of the current love of dinosaurs here. Still have a huge bag of stickers here that noone else wants.!)

The collecting craze doesn’t only extend to trading cards for kids here.  Occasionally there’s deals where you can collect stamps for a free dinner, or a 2 for one day trip, or the one that I’m here to talk about today – plastic storage containers.  That’s right, I got sucked into the world of spaarzegels hard.

Continue reading “The one about the supermarket stamps …”

The one where I became Inbuggered … finally

I started this blog nearly 4 years ago to document the move I was making to the Netherlands. Over that time, I’ve talked about learning the language, about integrating into a culture that is similar, but so different to my own.  I’ve talked about having twins, and about  my life here as an immigrant.

I really haven’t covered (at least lately) the whole process of “Inburgering”, or, as it’s known colloquially amongst some expats “Inbuggering” (you now see where the title of my blog comes from!) Continue reading “The one where I became Inbuggered … finally”