The one where I was interviewed again … this time about my domestic abilities

I meet some awesome people along the way, and Jenny of “Dishwasher Required – The subversive homemaking blog” is one of the latest.  Jenny and I belong to a blogging group, and she recently put out a call for homemakers to be interviewed. Being the shy, retiring flower I am, I volunteered and the rest is history.  Click the image below (quote by yours truly) to go to her site and read the rest!

homemaker interview


The one where I got interviewed …

.. by  

This was loads of fun to do – especially as I got to write more about myself rather than twin wrangling/random rare conditions/parenthood/etc.

Although the title about carrots … seriously, I’m going to get some crap about that one! Haha.

Without further ado – this is the link to the article.