The one about the perfect gift …

Warning – this post contains images of placentas. If your stomach isn’t so great, time to move along … ūüėČ

Oddly enough, this post isn’t about my poor, long suffering husband ;).

Over the years, I’ve developed a unique relationship with our research doctor, all based on the tale I told about the girls placenta. (It’s worth the click. Really). ¬†I share updates on the girls progress and catch up on the occasion we’re visiting the LUMC. Continue reading The one about the perfect gift …

14¬†Cents ‚ÄĒ MishMashMoments

So last night we went out for dinner with my parents. A old friend from bowling (yep ‚Äď I used to do 10 pin bowling for a sport. Fun fact, I once came 4th in Australia) was driving through and crashing at my parents house so we went to the local pub where they¬†have‚Ķ

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The one about the poo cookies…

That’s right folks – I feel like it’s time to reveal my top secret, tried and true recipe for Poo Cookies. ¬†You may think that these are just some ordinary oatmeal and fruit cookies – but you’d be wrong. ¬†They’re high in fibre, they’re tasty, and they’re toddler approved. They also *might* help those little cherubs out there who have a problem with constipation. I’m not going to claim that they will magically make your child constipation free – but they are yummy and they do have a super high fibre content. Continue reading The one about the poo cookies…

The one about being behind the #humblebrag

So lately I kind of stopped myself from posting a couple of funny kid related anecdotes purely based on the fact that they could be considered being a “#humblebrag”.

Let’s face it. ¬†A #humblebrag is not humble. ¬†It’s fucking bragging. ¬†You’re telling the world that you got your kids to eat kale chips and quinoa without tantrums, death threats and breakages. ¬†You’re telling the world how superior you are, ¬†because your kids ate fancy cabbage and grass seeds. ¬†Bonus points if your kid pronounces quinoa correctly. (insert eyeroll here). ¬† Continue reading The one about being behind the #humblebrag

The one about translating twintalk to singletonese (AKA the other ‘TTTS’)

It’s been a while since a post that wasn’t about the recent sadness in our lives, and thank you to all those of you who commented, read and sent messages about¬†the loss of our beloved father, father in law and Opa. ¬†You’re all amazing and it’s a blessing to know how much you all care. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

I’ve deviated back into my beloved genre of ‘taking the piss out of people who ask stupid questions’ in this post. ¬† Today I’ll be addressing the most common form of TTTS – no, not the heartbreaking¬†Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome¬†that my girls survived and that has fuelled my passion to make others aware of this – but the other form.

Translating Twintalk To Singletonese.

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The one about Easter..

There’s always debate about Easter. ¬†Maybe it’s becoming too commercialised, maybe it’s the new Christmas. ¬†The true meaning is being lost, but is the true meaning a jumble of pagan beliefs¬†and lost iconography mixed with religion? ¬†How much do you spend? ¬†What do you give? ¬†Is there such a thing as too much chocolate?

Breathe. Drink your glass of wine. ¬†Let me regale you with tales of toddlers and Easter …

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The one about the conflict on our doorsteps – parenting decisions

Let’s get one thing straight here.¬† I do not profess to be the world’s greatest parent.¬† I do things that others disagree with, but to be honest, having the World’s Most Feral Twins (TM), I do what keeps me sane.

I¬†survive on wine and coffee, I feed my kids¬†things like chicken nuggets and pizza, I try to feed them stuff like broccoli (aka the Devil’s Vegetable), my kids have toys that expand their minds (as well as ones that are just, well, f*cking sparkly noise machines) … but in all honesty, every parent knows it’s about survival.¬† We do what we do in order to help our kids grow and develop.

I get that there are many, many ways of parenting. Everyone has their own style, follows their own methods and I completely respect that.¬† After all, we’re all individuals, with different upbringings, different cultures, and different motivations.¬† We all have one thing in common though – we want to do what’s best for our kids. Continue reading The one about the conflict on our doorsteps – parenting decisions