The One About 10 Years Going By …

10 years later inbuggering diaries

10 years ago today I landed at Schiphol Airport on a cold, rainy Wednesday morning. I’d left Australia 2 days earlier to reunite with Marius in the Netherlands, and become a resident of the Netherlands.

I started this blog as a way to share stories with family and friends back in Australia, and also just talk about the challenges of starting again in a new country. It really wasn’t about anything else – literally a way to spin a couple of stories based on my own unique sense of humour, and entertain my friends and family.

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The one about the pounds …

It’s been a while and I owe a gazillion blog posts by now.  Literally a gazillion. We’ve been to Oman, we’ve been all sick, I’ve been working … it’s endless.

A few weeks back I took a day trip to London.  Which sounds way more exciting and adventurous than it actually is – because London is just over an hour’s flight from here and it’s incredibly cheap to get to.  You can do it in a day with no problems.   Continue reading “The one about the pounds …”

The One About Underpants


I really want to preface this post by saying – yes, I will be talking about my underpants.

However, I think what’s important to clarify is this :  If you’re here because you did a hashtag search on underpants for reasons other than “I’m really that obsessed with one brand of underpants and I’ve been buying them for nearly 25 years and I’m gutted I can’t buy them here.”, this is your time to bow out of the post gracefully.   Thanks for the click! 😉 Continue reading “The One About Underpants”

The one about Albert Heijn and the sprouts …

Dear Albert Heijn,

Hi.  It’s me again.  Remember me?  I cheated on you a little while back with grocery deliveries.  It’s been a bit of an open relationship for a while, and even last week when you broke something all over my groceries and had to deliver them the next day, I was ok with this.  After all – a good relationship is about forgiveness and understanding, and open communication – and I can’t fault the service I got. (Except the mixup over payments, but hey, I’m happy to look the other way.)  Continue reading “The one about Albert Heijn and the sprouts …”