Anzac day, baking and new friends

Feeling a little homesick on Anzac day, I decided to bake some Anzac bikkies – LOL – the search in the supermarkets for the right ingredients was a little interesting (no golden syrup – had to use the local equivalent which is more like treacle) but everything turned out tasty.


I don't think I've told everyone about our oven (or lack thereof!) – we do everything in a little benchtop grill by Tefal.  It works effectively, but I'm really looking forward to the day we have a real oven!

Some new friends …
Today also saw a trip to the local Hema in the Stad to meet up with the crowd from International Almere. Hema offers a 1 euro breakfast of coffee, a bacon and egg roll, and a croissant – really good value!

International Almere is a group dedicated to connecting expats and organising social events for people to meet new friends.  I don't think I'd be quite so settled here without them.  Once a month we meet for breakfast and socialise – and this was my first event.  I arrived early – and of course, not knowing anyone, felt a right tool standing around.  Still, I searched for the large group speaking English in the restaurant – and found the most amazing bunch of friends!  There are Americans, Australian, English, Germans, South Africans, Canadians … and many more.  They support and encourage you, and everyone is at different levels in their Dutch experience. 

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