Adventure with Immigration, Dutch Style

So today was the day that we had to show up to the IND – Dutch Immigration Department.  As per the earlier post about the town hall, it was a relatively simple experience. (except for all paperwork being in Dutch – handy to have a native speaker in the house!).  Our appointment was at 10am – we ended up actually seeing someone at 10.30am. (Hooray for government departments world wide!!)

As an Australian citizen (w00t! Australians are awesomeness) we don’t require a visa if we plan to stay in a Schengen country for less than 3 months in a 6 month period. Now that I’ve married a Dutch National, it still doesn’t matter. I have to apply for residency here otherwise I can be out on my backside.

So we needed copies of his work contract, copies of his payslips, copies of our passports, copies of our marriage certificate and a 20 page application that needed to know pretty much everything.  If I could read Dutch, I’m sure there was a box there for how often you changed your underwear.  Australians are exempt from the tuberculosis test – so that was a bonus.  It turns out that we were pretty well prepared and had all the correct documentation including all official stamps on all documents and I have now been issued a “V-Nummer” This apparently is my registration number with the IND – it has not much other relevance. When I receive residency, then I get another number which is a tax file number/social security number.  (Thank god, we found out I can work on the residency permit!)

So, in true bureaucratic style, I find out if I can live here within 6 months.  They aim for a 3 month turnaround – but 6 months is the quoted time.  In the meantime, I have a pretty sticker in my passport that says I can live here for 6 months because I have filed a residency application. Now we play the waiting game …

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  1. I hope you hear from them soon. 3 months still sounds like an awfully long time to wait. What are you going to do with yourself every day till you can work?

    1. Housewifing. I also make myself leave the house every day and try to learn more Dutch, go to the supermarket, library, shops etc. It’s a tried and true tactic – immersion 🙂

      1. I hope you don’t get too bored housewifing. Although exploring the area would certainly be fun. Not to mention expensive! Would you like a recipe for Dutch apple cake to keep you busy? 😛

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