I realise that it has been several months since I posted, and I apologise to avid readers of this journal.  (Hi Mum!).  Things, whilst not chaotic, have been a little all over the place, and with a lack of laptop and only one computer in the house, combined with overwhelming apathy due to can'tbescreweditis, well, you get the picture.

So, in the magic of just one entry I will try to get you up to speed on life in the land of clogs, tulips, windmills and pot.

In May I was stoked to see 3 different friends in Amsterdam.  First was little Adam of my old workplace (Adam, I can't help it, you will always be little Adam!) whom I spent a lovely couple of hours with and was filled in on his own Euro-Trip so far.  Next came a very good friend of mine, Allyson, whom I was lucky to spend a whole day with, and who ended up back in Almere with me for a clean shower, decent cuppa and a tour of the shoebox.  Finally came one of my oldest school friends and her daugher (Leeanne and Caitlin) who were touring through Europe as well, and I got another cuppa and chat. 

June was pretty uneventful.  Seriously.  It was wet, cold and miserable – welcome to Dutch summers.  I was feeling a little under the weather this month due to a couple of underlying things, so really, I stayed in, felt miserable, and generally just tried to feel a little better. 

July was a trip back to Australia – it was so fantastic to see my family and friends again, and also just to enjoy the simplicities of gravy and vegemite – no prizes in guessing what I brought back.  I did have a little hospital trip, but that issue has resolved itself and I'm a lot better.  Yes, June's illness was related to this and whilst it wasn't the greatest holiday, things are better now.  I then managed to get myself back on a plane home to Holland … via Korea.

I will actually stop here, as I think now I need to devote some time to the trip back to Holland, picking Naomi (my sister) up in Seoul, our 19 hour stopover and then arriving back in Holland!  These deserve their own entries, so as soon as I have the pictures, I will start those posts!

Tot Zo!

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      1. Oh, jus as like juice? I think the French use that term, so it’s meat in its own juices. I think that’s what the Americans mean by gravy too. But it’s not gravy really. Shall I send you some Bisto granules? 😛

        1. Aww … that’s sweet Nathaniel – I have a fair bit of Aussie stuff at the moment thanks to my awesome sister as well – but I may take you up on that eventually 🙂

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